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Poly events at Breathless Ottawa

I realize that if this community is ever going to take off, some people are going to have to post to it.

Therefore, for those who are interested, I discovered there are two poly events on the calendar of the Breathless club this month. (All events directly quoted from the Web site.)

February 10, 6pm - Potluck is the 2nd Sunday of every month and is open to non members. (ID required)

Polyamory Ottawa yahoo group ( is hosting this event, and any adult over 18 is welcome to attend. It's designed as a simple social event where anyone in a poly relationship or those interested in this lifestyle may attend. Please check the calendar for any last-minute changes for this regularly-scheduled event.

Bring your favorite potluck dish(s) and join the group. (Please note, there is a microwave oven only) Bring your own serving dishes/spoons for your dish(s). Cold drinks are on sale at the canteen. (sale of canteen items helps defray the cost of hosting this event).

February 14, 6:30 pm - Polyamory discussion group. Topic: This isn't what I signed up for! I wanted two boyfriends and ended up with a husband, a wife, 3 kids and a mortgage.

This monthly event is open to all adults who are in or wish to be in a poly relationship, are interested in learning about polyamory or are supportive of others in this lifestyle. For male, female or transgendered folk of any sexual orientation. Polyamory is loosely defined as this: Poly = many and amory = love. So "many loves". It's when members of a committed relationship have secondary partners in a loving and open relationship.

Discussion starts officially at 7:30 but there will be an social time prior to the formal discussion. The social will be at the community center (club) as well... come anytime after 6:30 and bring your own dinner if you wish to eat. You can pack a picnic lunch from home of pick up take out at many nearby restaurants on Bank. There is a Subway, pizza, Indian food and a deli (just to mention a few) all within a block or two of the club. Feel free to simply socialize as well.

All adults welcome! Hosted by the Polyamory Ottawa yahoo group.

For more upcoming open poly events at Breathless, you can check out their list of events.

Has anyone been to any of these? Are they any fun? Perhaps a few of us should do the daring thing and actually try them out for ourselves.
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