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Getting polyspouses past Canadian immigration

That thought has been plaguing my mind for a long time, and especially now that I'm back from Scotland and my first meeting with theodur. The fact is that I love him and would love to have him come to Canada, a sentiment he shares.

There are a few ways we could get him to immigrate - he may qualify under the Skilled Worker Class Immigration, but if he passes it's borderline at best. The other option was to bring him in under the Family Class Immigration.

I got this idea because I heard that some people from Islamic nations practicing polygyny have gotten into the country with multiple wives, and I saw that they even seem to have a provision for sponsoring special significant others of this class called a Conjugal partners, which pretty much fits my relationship with theodur.

We figure we would have some sort of commitment ceremony to seal our relationship, and exchange tokens of some kind, and thus we would have at least something to submit as proof of our relationship.

Of course then they have these two lovely little stipulations at the bottom:

  • you or your sponsor were married to someone else at the time of your marriage;
  • you have lived apart from your sponsor for at least one year and either you or your sponsor are the common-law or conjugal partner of another person;

Bleah. But I have to keep reminding myself that it wasn't so long ago when people couldn't immigrate their same sex partners to Canada either. So maybe if enough people challenge immigration, the way will eventually open for poly people too.

Any thoughts on this?
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